Karl Rove is the architect of the republican master plan to steal elections.

The fact that he controls Louis Dejoy was clarified on August 17, 2020, when he tried to dispute the obvious by saying;

"This is fearmongering, they go out and say the Republicans are trying to suppress your vote... My problem is, I know someything about this issue because I know the man who is heading it. Louis Dejoy is a friend of mine and when the postal board of governors came to him and said we'd like to interview you to be the postmaster general, I discouraged him (if you are stupid to believe that) because I said this is a really tough organization that's got a broken model from top to bottom, but you know why I did it (Freudian slip) Sean. He did it because he spent his entire life building a world class logistics company that moved things from point "a" to point "b" on time, and he said, I can bring those same skills and serve my country -and that's exactly what this guy is doing. He has no intention whatsoever to slow down the mail. He wants the mail to speed up and guess what. He's doing it... Susan Rice, former National Security advisor for President Obama goes outt and slanders him because she gets a picture of people removing mailboxes slanders him while it turns out the post office was taking old boxes and putting in new boxes. And besides that as you pointed out earlier, the previous administration took out 14,000 mailboxes, poof, they disappeared and we didn't hear the Democrats saying that Barack Obama was trying to break the mail system or suppress voterss. No, no! No! No! This is entirely politics, its slandering. It is fearmongering, it is unjustified by the facts and shame on those democrats who are trying to turn this election into such a circus..."

Sean Hannity concludes the propaganda fest by saying, "I hope the Republican Party has their lawyers ready" and Rove promptly agreed with, "we're gonna have them".

They didn't help Trump beat Biden and it looks like their lawyers are still on the job, trying to convince us all that Karl Rove and Louis Dejoy are everything that we know, they are not.

Hope the FBI arrests them both because that's exatly what they deserve.

Let me be clear. Suppressing the vote is not about politics. It is about crime and all those who are trying to make an art out of the practice ought to be rounded up by the FBI and prosecuted. Enough is enough !!!

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