Twitter is on Fire

Ghislaine Maxwell is trending because Donald Trump pardoned his friend General Flynne yesterday, and Ghislaine is next, with one or two potentially serious complications that have everybody guessing.

In particular, the link between Epstein, Maxwell and Trump is too hot to handle because they are like the three Muskateers --One for all and all for one... It is consequently no surprise, given the nature of their affairs, that silence is their best friend -and that's why Jeffrey died in prison.

The questions in the twittersphere are good and relevant but answers are few and far between; Why was Trump using the same division of Deutsche Bank where Jeffrey Epstein laundered money? Why did Trump say "I wish her well" about Ghislaine Maxwell? Why did Trump appoint Alex Acosta to his Cabinet after Acosta’s sweetheart deal giving immunity to Epstein co-conspirators? On page 36 of Ghislaine Maxwell's deposition, she had stated she met 17 year old Virginia at Mar-a-Lago, where she worked as a massage therapist. Who owns Mar-a-Lago? Donald Trump. Who pays staff salaries? Donald Trump. Who was the pimp? Donald Trump. What’s the Vegas odds on Trump pardoning Ghislaine Maxwell? Why are there more pictures of Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell than with his son, Barron?

Statement tweets are even scarier; "Just remember, Alan Dershowitz along with Ken Starr were responsible for arranging Epstein's Florida "sweetheart" deal. These people are all co-conspirators."

So when is Donald Trump going to pardon himself?
(November 26, 2020)

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